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Verona Man Wins Back-To-Back 200-Mile Ultra Marathon | People

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Verona Man Wins Back-To-Back 200-Mile Ultra Marathon
Verona Man Wins Back-To-Back 200-Mile Ultra Marathon

A Verona man who started his quest to conquer the McNaughton 200 in Vermont last week is back home resting following back-to-back victories.

Verona.Channel3000.com first reported Ryan Dexter's mission of mobility earlier this month.

Last year, he entered and won his first 200-mile race, along the McNaughton Trail Run in Pittsfield, Vt. Dexter was on his feet for more than 61 hours. This year, he shaved about 10 hours from that pace. 

Dexter ran 200 miles in 51 hours, 50 minutes and 24 seconds. He ran for more than two days straight, resting for only about an hour during the race.

"I'm trying to think if things could have worked out any better," Dexter said. "It was a near perfect race."

Only three of those that entered the race were able to finish. Dexter topped his nearest competitor by four hours. 

He credits his faith and a mental toughness for keeping him going throughout the race.

"Mentally, I have to basically accept that this is the new reality. This is how it is now. My quads hurt, everything hurts. I can either accept it or stop," Dexter said. "That's probably a good metaphor for life. When things get really bad, it's not like they are going to get better today. So you just have to keep going."

Dexter said the 200-mile trek will be his last of that length. But he does plan to start running again in a couple of weeks. He will also be running in the upcoming Madison Marathon.

His mission of mobility has pushed well beyond his internal drive to conquer personal challenges.

Last year, through his blog and word of mouth, Dexter raised more than $12,000 for the international organization Free Wheelchair Mission. It's a group he first heard of through a charity drive at his family's church. This year he raised about $2,000 so far, but he said there's still time to make donations.

To donate to Dexter's cause, go to his Free Wheelchair Mission page. For information about Dexter's background and race history, go to his blog at, dexterthepunisher.blogspot.com.

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